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Whimsical Bridal Shower Invitations And Fun Party Ideas

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Bridal Shower Invitations And Fun Party Ideas


Whimsical art is fun. It tickles your imagination and fancy. Now what could be a more fantastic idea than to apply whimsical art into your bridal shower invitations? Planning for your bridal shower needs meticulous effort. After completing your guest list, you then have to think about your bridal shower invitations. It will set off the sparks, so to speak. It will get you as the bride and your guests excited. You can consider a number of themes for your bridal shower and invitations, but it is a fun and smart idea to send whimsical bridal shower invitations. Get a load of these amazing tips and ideas.

The Garden Party Whimsical Art Invitations

A garden setting for your bridal shower is a refreshing idea, especially if you love flowers. Do you know someone who has a lovely garden already? You can set-up your party there. Otherwise you can ask around at a local botanical garden. What a charming bridal shower that would be! Move a bit on the contemporary side, though. Instead of serving conventional tea and cucumber sandwiches, plan for a mid- afternoon party where you lavish your guests with angel food cake, chocolate, strawberries and champagne cocktails.

Have a good time indulging your gastronomical senses after taking a stroll at the garden. What about your bridal shower invitations for your garden party? The graphics of your invitation could feature girls who are toasting champagne glasses, or your favorite garden flower. If your bridal shower falls during colder months, you can hold your party inside your or someone else’s house. Make the d├ęcor attractive by arranging vases of flowers and greens so that you’ll keep the garden feel. The atmosphere should feel as if you are in a secluded garden.

The Enchanted Forest Whimsical Art Invitations

As the wedding gets closer, every bride feels as if she is in a fairy tale. How about a fairy tale idea for your bridal shower invitations? You can design a forest theme for the graphics where birds are fluttering around and a steam runs along on one side. There ought to be trees paired with flower beds beneath. That’s what you can call your enchanted forest on the cover of your bridal shower invitations. Invite your friends over to your fun and whimsical party. You can hold your shower outdoors such as at a local park or picnic venue. But wherever you choose to spend your party, be sure to inform your friends beforehand so they can dress appropriately.

Tiara Whimsical Art Bridal Shower Invitations


Get whimsical a la fairy tale art in your shower by adding glitters to your invitations. Make your invites deep pink in color and emboss them with glittery silver dust shaped like a tiara. During the party, you as the bride should wear a tiara. Do you live in the city or near the park? If carriage rides or tours are offered in the area, book your guests for an afternoon or evening ride. Let your ride take you to a local restaurant where you and your guests can eat, drink and have loads of fun.

Cocktail Whimsical Art Bridal Shower Invitations


A cocktail theme is a modern idea for a bridal shower, but you can incorporate pastel colors in your invitations and party venue to allow for a softer effect. Another of your option is to add romantic flowers in your decore. In your shower invitations, you can feature martini glasses colored pink and green on the outlines. Make the background of your graphics light pink. Ask your guests to wear something pink when they attend your shower. What is your favorite or the signature flower for your wedding? Include it in the shower theme. If it is tulips, you can have one as a centerpiece. Feature it with shades of white and pink while scattering rose petals along the tables where food is served. Ask your guests to dress up when they join your cocktail shower. It will add a touch of sophistication to the whimsical theme of your party.

Bridal Shower Party Ideas

These are some ideas for your whimsical art bridal shower invitations. What about other bridal shower party ideas to go along with your shower invites?

Perfume Bar

After planning for your invitations, you can plan for what fun activities you can do on your shower. For instance, you can set up a perfume bar. On your party, create a perfume bar of oils and dainty perfume bottles. Let your guests have fun crafting their own signature perfumes. Shop for DIY perfume bars online or in your nearest department store.

Frozen Yogurt Buffet


A frozen yogurt buffet is a chill idea for your bridal shower. Skip the cupcakes this time. You can rent a yogurt machine and arrange a buffet of sweets and fixings from chopped fruits to cereals and candies. Have your guests mix their shower dessert that’s delish and enjoyable to eat.

Cocktails Stand


A colorful selection of juices can make your shower one-of-a-kind. A lively bar of cocktails is a treat not only to the eyes but to the taste buds as well. Prepare a set of beverages of different colors and place them in vintage-designed glass bottles. Add fresh fruits in these containers and label them individually with small hanging posters.

Canvass Tote Bags


Shop around for canvass totes to give out to your friends on your shower. It’s a gift that they can actually use! Stuff them with your party-theme thingies such as beach towels, packs of flower seeds and bottles of wine. You can even have the totes monogrammed and personalized in a local store.

These shower ideas can truly perk up your party so that you and your guests can really have a good time. Your bridal shower should be memorable and eventful. However you design your theme to be, remember that your bridal shower invitations will set the mood for the upcoming party to begin with. In any way you want, whether you incorporate a modern touch to the whimsical theme of your shower, plan well and ask your friends around for help. It would be fun putting your ideas together so that your shower will truly be a grand and fabulous time.


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Top 5 Bridal Ideas

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Bridal Ideas

After you have chosen your wedding dress, the next most important thing you need to shop for is jewelry. Purchasing the right kind of jewelry for your wedding can be an overwhelming task. When choosing your bridal jewelry, you need to consider many factors including the style of wedding you’re hosting, the kind of dress you’ll be wearing and the season in which your wedding is to be held. You also need to take into account your personality and style before making the final decision. Following are some trendy and popular jewelry tips you can blend with your wedding outfit to ensure a perfect ensemble:

1. Blue Topaz Lariat Necklace:

Blue topaz is a transparent stone, essentially cut in the form of a diamond so that the light is reflected on its surfaces. It is lustrous, has a subtle blue tone and complements almost all kinds of jewelry pieces. Based on your style, you can tie this necklace in many ways. This necklace is a unique and trendy jewelry piece that can be a graceful addition to your ensemble.

2. Aquamarine Cascade Earrings:

It’s one of those popular blue gemstones that are available in various opacity and. If you’re planning to wear a white dress for your wedding, then white, translucent aquamarine earrings with a touch of blue tone will best complement your wedding gown. The linear and feminine style of these earrings makes your face look more elongated and attracts attention towards the bone structure.

3. Freshwater and Apatite Pearl Earrings:

They have a typical blue color. You can pair these earrings with a classic white pearl to look ravishing.


4. Blue Chalcedony Bracelet:

Chalcedony tends to have a smokier clarity that accentuates its aqua-blue color. It is recommended that you wear chalcedony in your bracelet for a more subtle effect. A bracelet that can cluster these chalcedony gemstones around the wrist can be an interesting and effective way to slim your wrists and add a hint of ornate fun to your outfit.

5. Other Blue Gemstones:

Today, there are many jewelry stones having different shades of blue available on the market. One such stone is Tanzanite that is rare and looks very stylish. Sapphire is another gemstone with a dark blue color and looks very classy. If you have dark blue eyes, include sapphire in your necklace or rings.

By following these creative jewelry tips, you can surely have an enthralling effect on your groom-to-be on your wedding day.

So if you are a future bride, you can compare these jewelries in terms of their wedding cost by checking online through different stores. In this way, you will find the right jewelries that will match your budget so you will not go over with it.

Looking your best will be easy by just getting hair jewelry as bridal ideas for your wedding day. In this way, you can really shine a radiant bride because it will surely give you the look that you want so you will surely have the best wedding day looking your best.



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